Screening Panels

We offer a choice of four stocked MDF screening panel styles. However, we can obtain a other styles/types upon request. Choices include other MDF styles, Wooden Veneered MDF, White Faced MDF, Aluminium (Silver & Gold) and even Custom Made Screening Panels. The panels are also sold separately.


Nevada  Oregon  Fleur de lys



Moroccan  Arizona


White Faced MDF

Nevada White  Fleur de lys White  Arizona White  Oregon White  Chartham White



Pine Veneered Navada  Pine Veneer Fleur De Lys Screening Panel  Pine Veneer Oregon Screening Panel


Metal (Aluminium)

Gold Clover


Custom Made

Using the laser cutting we can provide any solid silhouette, pattens or shapes.

A few examples are shown below:

Beatles Screening Panel  Star Trek Badge Screening Panel  Stormtrooper Screening Panel