Radiator Covers

Various Sized MDF Covers with Nevada Screening Panels

We offer made-to-measure covers to fit your Radiator/Storage Heater to fit perfectly.

All covers come in a standard design (as shown to the right) with a choice of four screening panels. However, if you are after a bespoke design to you cover for that personal touch, simply forward us your design.

Before production can be made there are a few things that must be carried out first.

How to measure your cover

1. Width – measure from furthest point left to furthest point right of your radiator.
2. Height – measure from the floor to the highest part of your radiator.
3. Depth – measure from the wall behind radiator to furthest point of the radiators front.

Bespoke Strut Cover with a Moisture Resistant Top and a Corner Wall Cover

Airflow & cover size

We have to add 20mm to each side of the cover (front, top and sides) to allow for your radiator to have sufficient airflow (50mm on Storage Heaters). In addition to this the cover itself has an 18mm thickness.


Radiator covers can be supplied with mounting brackets to allow easy removal from wall to access temperature values. Storage heater covers come with a hinged top to allow for access to control switches/dials.

Skirting Board & Pipe Cuts-Outs

Simply provide us with the width and height of the cut-out required for each side of your cover.


Pine Cover with Oregon Screening Panel

Width the knowledge of the airflow and cover thickness to the over size of the area taken by the cover, you will be able to see if there are any obstacles that may be in the way (e.g. window board). Please let us know if there any obstacles that may effect the placement of your cover around the radiator before we set to produce your cover. Amendments to your cover after production has commenced will be charged separately.

Materials & Finish

All covers are made as standard in an unfinished 18mm MDF. However, they can be made in a variety of materials e.g. 18mm Water Resistant MDF, Pine, Mahogany, Oak, etc.

Please note: we do not paint the covers. However, we do sell MDF sealer, primer, undercoat, stain and paint.

Screening Panels

We offer a choice of four stocked MDF screening panel styles. However, we can obtain a other styles/types upon request. Choices include other MDF styles, White Faced MDF, Wooden Veneered MDF, Aluminium (Silver & Gold) and Custom Made. The panels are also sold separately. Click here to view all screening panels available.


Price is dependent of cover size and material used. For a price quotation please phone or email us.

MDF Fleur De Lys Storage Heater Cover 1  MDF Fleur De Lys Electrical Box Cover  MDF Fleur De Lys Storage Heater Cover 2