Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree

We are now taking orders for Christmas trees.

All trees come with FREE local delivery in the borough of Thurrock.

All pre-orders will receive 10% discount and will be delivered between the first and second week in December.

A further 5% discount for orders of two or more trees.

To place an order please visit the store, as a £5 deposit is required to secure a tree.

Non Deposit Orders = No Discount.

To avoid disappointment we would advise pre-order your tree, as stocks can run out.

Pre-orders last date will be the end of the last week of November.

All prices include VAT.

2014 Prices


Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

Description: Many thin needles

100/125cm 3/4ft £14.50
125/150cm 4/5ft £18.50
150/200cm 5/6ft £23.00
200/240cm 6/7ft £31.00
230/260cm 8ft £54.00
260/290cm 9ft £86.00


Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana)

Norman Fir

Description: Thicker needles, but less of them.

Super Grade

80/100cm 2/3ft White Tag £18.00
100/125cm 3/4ft Black Tag £23.00
125/150cm 4/5ft Pink Tag £33.00
150/175cm 5/6ft Orange Tag £45.50
175/200cm 6/7ft Red/Gold Tag £59.00
200/250cm 7/8ft Purple Tag £85.50
250/300cm 8/10ft Orange Tag £136.00

Premium Grade

150/175cm 5/6ft Yellow Tag £33.00
175/200cm 6/7ft Blue Tag £47.00
200/250cm 7/8ft White Tag £60.00
250/300cm 8/10ft Green Tag £95.00

First Grade

165/210cm 5.6/7ft Green Tag £42.00


large christmas treeBig Trees

Norway Spruce (Picea abies)

10-11ft £115.20
12-13ft £149.40
14-15ft £198.00
16-17ft £252.00
18-19ft £352.80
20-22ft £509.40
23-25ft £624.60
26-28ft £443.00
29-30ft £545.00
30-35ft £654.00

Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana)

8ft £126.00 
9ft £144.00
10ft £198.00
12ft £270.00
13ft £297.00
14ft £333.00
15ft £360.00
16ft £396.00
17ft £423.00
18ft £450.00
20ft £630.00


cinco stand


Cinco 7” Stands for trees up to 6/7ft £19.80 each

Heavy duty12” square cast iron stands for trees up to 8ft £29.70 each




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